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Banking and Savings for Employees

Banking is the center of employees’ financial lives. Challenger turns banking into a super-powered financial wellness perk for your employees.

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Financial Wellness is Important for
Employers and Employees Alike

$250 Billion
Is lost every year to financial stress felt by employees.
Source: Inside Employees' Minds, Mercer 2017
Top Financial Concern
Not having enough savings for an unplanned expense is the top financial concern for employees.
Source: PwC Employee Financial Wellness Report 2019

#1 Reason
Financial stress is the #1 reason for employees losing productivity.

Challenger is Built For Companies Who Care About Employee Financial Wellness

Challenger was created for employers who strive to offer their employees the best perks. Our employee banking product is designed to offer the best bank on the market with features chosen to improve personal financial outcomes.

Save your employees from bank fees
The average person pays $329 a year in unnecessary bank fees. We fix this.
Drive Positive Outcomes
Employees with $1000 in savings are less likely to leave when an unexpected expense comes up.
Track the results
With our employer dashboard you are able to see the impact of your Challenger program in realtime.
Better Than Standalone Financial Wellness Platforms
By bringing employees in as our banking users we can provide the best experience in the industry.
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Come for our products. Stay for the growth.

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Increased Productivity

According to a study done by MetLife, a company of 10,000 employees loses $115,320 every month because of employee financial stress.
Source: Mercer via MetLife

Increased Retention

1 in 3 employees feel that bank-related financial burdens make them more likely to switch jobs and 82% said they would be more likely to stay at their current job if offered a bank account perk.
Source: Challenger Survey

Employee Satisfaction

Employees who are financially stressed are 32% less satisfied with their current job. Financial wellness offerings increase employee satisfaction.
Source: MetLife

What Employees Get With Challenger

✓ Challenger Checking Account
✓ Absolutely Zero Fees
✓ Use Anywhere Debit Card 
✓ Bank Anywhere Mobile App 
✓ Access to 55k ATMs

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