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Challenger Enables Businesses to Offer Banking Products to Their Customers

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Bank accounts are the stickiest financial product. The average adult in the US keeps the same bank account for 16 years. Challenger offers bank accounts which can lower customer acquisition costs and increase customer retention.


Challenger’s bank account program is analogous to a partner rewards credit card program where the financial product offered is a bank account. However, unlike credit cards, Challenger's bank account does not revolve around debt, and does not require a credit check.



Everyone is Approved

Private Label Credit Card loyalty products require customers to pass a credit check, creating a bad customer experience for those declined. Our program is based on a bank account so no credit check or underwriting is required.


Retaining and acquiring customers is hard. Active, loyal customers are worth many times more valuable than non-loyal customers. Our research shows that offering a high interest bank account will increase customer loyalty by up to 60% or more.


TMobile, Personal Capital, Robinhood and Wealthfront offer bank accounts. Even Google announced they will launch a bank account in 2020. Digital bank accounts are coming, and most businesses aren’t ready. We make it easy for you to get started!

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